Lots of Slash Fiction -LotR, Boondock Saints, etc. (xbitemarks) wrote in hobbitcrossing,
Lots of Slash Fiction -LotR, Boondock Saints, etc.

Serious Issues (4/?)

Title: Serious Issues (4/?)
Authors: theonemonaghan (Kacey) and empathicfrost (Frost)
Rating: *overall series: NC-17*
Pairing: Monaboyd
Summary: recovering
Feedback: is delicious and nutritious
Disclaimer: yeah, I watched this happen through Billy's trailer window and Dom called me and told me the story too. yeah.

Previous Chapters: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

( He stood in the same exact place where he had fucked his best friend without mercy. Nothing but socks separated him from that guilty floor beneathe his feet. )

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