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Chapter One-Little Scot

Title: Little Scot-Chapter 1 of ??
Author: Jen (hobbits_r_cute)
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: I suck at this. There's some swearing so...PG-13?
Feedback: I LURVE feedback. I live for it. And I respond to all of it.
Summary: Billy loses a loved one, gains a child
Warning: I killed someone. I'm a terrible person and yes. Hate me, don't hate me.
Disclaimer: Didn't happen. The person I kill didn't really die (thankfully) and as far as I know, Billy doesn't have a nephew named Lucas. If I own anything aside from this fic, it's Lucas.

No one really beta'd this. I looked it over. It looks fine to me but if anyone has anything to add, I'm more then willing to hop in and fix it.

Chapter One

“Fuck,” he whispered as he dropped his keys. Just what I needed.

“Here, let me get them,” said a voice behind him.

Billy Boyd turned to find Dominic Monaghan standing behind him. “Thanks, Dom.” He looked down at the small bundle in his arms. “Glad I don’t have to wake him.”

Dom smiled slightly as he opened the door. “How’s he taking it?”

Billy simply shrugged. “He’s two years old. He’s happy to be spending time with ‘Uncle Billy.’”

Dom chuckled as he shut the door behind them. “‘Uncle Billy’ time is fun time.”

Billy smiled softly down at his two-year-old nephew, Lucas. “I do hope he remembers her.”

“I’m sure he will, Bill. He’ll be asking, in a few years, about his mum.”

Billy sighed and adjusted his arms slightly. “I just hope I know what to tell him. Let me put him in bed and I’ll join you for a drink.”

Dom nodded and watched Billy’s retreating back. He walked into Billy’s kitchen and pulled out two beers. He popped one open and sat down. Looking around the kitchen, he sighed. It showed every sign that Billy was a bachelor. Dom had no idea how his friend was going to deal with having a child now, even one as charming as Lucas.

“Dom, hey, you ok?” Billy waved a hand in front of Dom’s face.

“Oh, yes, I’m fine.” He smiled up at Billy. “He asleep?”

Billy sat in front of Dom. “Yes.” He ran a hand through his hair. “What am I gonna do, Dom?”

Dom reached out and squeezed one of Billy’s hands. “Take care of him.”

“She was all I had left. Sure I had aunts and uncles, but...” Billy sighed. “She was my sister, mate.”

“I know.”

Billy placed his face in his hands and started crying. His beloved sister had died just two weeks before in a car crash, leaving Billy with a two-year-old to care for. To add to everything, they still had a year left of filming on Rings.

“Bill,” Dom said as he stood up and pulled Billy into an embrace. “Shh. It’s ok. You still have Lucas. Come on. Let’s get you into bed.” He helped Billy to his feet. Billy leaned on him the whole way to his room.

Billy collapsed on his bed, not bothering to get undressed.

“Come on, Billy. Got get undressed.”

Billy place an arm over his eyes and shook his head. “No. Just...” He removed his arm. “Don’t leave.”

Dom sighed and knelt down beside Billy. “Your floor isn’t very comfortable.”

“We’ve share a bed before, mate.”

Dom looked into Billy’s pained green eyes. “Aye, we have. Are you sure?”

“Please, Dom, I need someone tonight.”

Dom smiled slightly and crawled into the bed behind Billy. His friend immediately turned around laid on his chest. He wrapped his arms around Billy, who started crying again. “It’s ok, Bills. I’m here.”

Billy looked up at him. “Thank you, Dommie. For everything.” He looked up at his closest friend. A feeling he’d always had but had pushed down, reawakened as he looked into Dom’s caring grey eyes. “Everything,” he whispered as he rose up and placed a soft kiss on Dom’s lips.

Dom smiled inside. He’d been waiting for this since he’d met Billy, but they couldn’t do this. Not now. Not now with Lucas just in the next room. Not now when Billy’s mind was so clouded with grief. Not now. “We’re mates, Billy.” He placed a kiss on Billy’s forehead. “Mates are there for one another. Sleep now.”

Billy sighed and curled up next to Dom allowing himself to fall asleep for the first time since he got the news.
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