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Lots of Slash Fiction -LotR, Boondock Saints, etc.

Serious Issues (9/?)

Serious Issues (9/?)
Authors: empathicfrost (Frost) and theonemonaghan (Kacey)
Rating: *overall series: NC-17*
Pairing: Monaboyd (main pairing) but this chapter has some serious DM/EW.
Summary: Dom’s problems will ruin everything.
Feedback: has all the daily vitamins and nutrients we need in one dose.
Disclaimer: we(coughfrostcough) own carrot candles, but that’s it.
Dedicated to: all the absolutely awesome people who write such amazing feedback. <3<3<3
A/N: Yup, Domlijah warning people.

Previous Chapters: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight

Chapter Nine:
( With a practiced and sultry grin of hunger, Dom opened the door and leaned into the open frame with a loud purr. 'Hey you—err...' But it wasnt Billy on the steps. )
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